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'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional'

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The writer here is a very lousy updater owing to school and two jobs so she can be forgiven right?

She supports both TVXQ AND JYJ (Separately) and refrains from getting involved in any sort of fandom drama for a number of reasons. First one being the fact that the groups she likes are part of an entertainment industry and owing to her being only a fan who is far removed from her idols' world, there is no way for her to know the actual and complete truth. Since she is not too invested in the fandom to dig into different resources to try and make out of the situation these actual. real, living people have been through, she also refrains from keeping an opinion on their personal lives, the law suits and other stuff regrading the people of these two groups. Words are consequential and she observes this reality.

She ships them like a pair because it's fun. And to tell you the truth it's not very hard to keep it fun. Hence you will never see her bashing any of the people in these two groups. She writes because it makes her happy and takes the stress off her.

She doesn't like it when someone plagiarizes, steals or re-posts her material on other sites.. If you want to share her fics please link them back to the original source. She also has an account on AO3 by the same name.

She also doesn't like her fics to be translated without permission and full credits.

She keeps the anonymous comments as well as her journal open but that doesn't mean you are allowed to bash her or the group she follows.

Besides TVXQ and JYJ, Super Junior is the only other kpop group she knows although she does listen to a variety of kpop artists.

If you like her fics, you are most welcome to read them, if not than this is no place for you to be.

That being said.

Please Enjoy :)