JuYu 2


'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional'

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JuYu 2

Title: Something...
Pairing: HoMin.
Length: One-shot.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: No-AUish.
Warnings: None
Summary: Because Boys day happens...

So it kind of happens like this.

At the end of their usual practice hours, Changmin slinks out of the room, throwing a casual, “I’ll be practicing don’t wait up’ over his shoulder.

Yunho stops in the middle of packing his bag, hair matted to forehead due to sweat. ‘Practice what? We just finished practicing.’

But Changmin is already out of the door and doesn’t bother replying to his hyung because he is a little shit.


Two days later when Yunho is almost ready for bed his doorbell rings.

He goes out to open the door but Changmin is already inside. Inside his fridge that is.

Yunho rubs a hand down his face only because he is tired then says exasperated, “Why bother with the bell when you are gonna be barging in just like that at unholy hours.”

Changmin closes the door of the fridge, mouth already working around the kimbap that Yunho’s mother specifically made…for Yunho.

“Need food and advice” is what he gets as an answer as Changmin goes all but sprawling on his couch in the living room.
Yunho scrunches up his nose. “What kind of advice?”

Changmin shoves the rest of the food in his mouth and then picks up one of his trouser legs from his ankles all the way up his
thighs…just casually bunches it all up and Yunho’s brain goes offline.

He is minutely aware of Changmin saying something but there is a mile long of…skin…flesh that he kind of wants to sink his teeth into.

“YAH HYUNG!” Changmin hollers, clearly at the end of his tether for someone who has unceremoniously planted himself in someone
else’s house at midnight and eaten their food.

“Uh…” Yunho tries, mentally threatens his eyeballs to cooperate and then looks at Changmin’s face, then says intelligently, “What?”

“I said should I defuzz or is it okay for them to be this hairy?”


“Is that the only word in your vocabulary right now, Changmin says, nose wrinkled, “I mean I know you are tired and all but still.”

Yunho suddenly straightens up, defensive, because the little shit is insulting him at this hour in the sanctity of his own House and this unacceptable, stupid sexy leg be damned.

“I’ll have you know that I am very eloquent, I was even quoted in a legitimate book.” Then stops in the middle and asks Changmin, brows arched. “Why do you want to defuzz all of a sudden?”

Changmin rolls the trouser leg down and replies nonchalantly, “’Coz my legs are gonna be exposed.”

Yunho scrunches up his nose, “And like you have never gone bare legged before? Changmin you pick the shortest pair of shorts to
the fucking airport and you have never been touchy about the hair so why now?”

Changmin shrugs, “It’s different.”

“What’s different?” Yunho asks, cranky now because he really needs to sleep to be able to function like a human tomorrow.

“The dress code is different, it has a slit.” Changmin replies, going a little pink.

Yunho’s stomach drops. “What dress?”

“The one we’d be wearing for our special performance during SM Town concert.”

“What performance?” Yunho asks flabbergasted because what the hell.

“We are performing a song.” Changmin kind of stutters and stammers,” Girls day’s Something actually. Me and the kyuline…and in
order to add legitimacy in our performance, we kind of have to wear a dress.”

Yunho kind of stares on, unblinking.

“Argh..” Changmin sounds a little frustrated,” we have to dress in a drag you get it. A dress with a slit and heels and make-up. You
know …do the whole thing.”

“AHAHAHAHA…, Yunho starts laughing in that awfully adorable way because he can’t word right now because Changmin would never…but then he takes a look at Changmin’s face, which is a polite version of What the fuck or Changmin thinks it’s polite…so Yunho just…

“HA?” He tilts his head to the side, imploring. Still expecting it to be a joke.

Changmin sighs.

“Yeah there is no HA in it, it’s not a joke, it’s for real.” He tells Yunho with all the patience of a parent with a spoiled child.

Yeah, the though totally breaks Yunho’s brain and he just stands there a mixture of disbelief and what Changmin suspects…

After a while Yunho tries to say something flippant like what the heck Changdollie or something supportive like yeah that’s totally fine, go ahead and add such verstality into your list accomplishments because why not but all that comes out is…
“But what are you gonna do about your…” His gaze skitters towards Changmin’s nether regions, lingers on for a moment because the bastard is not wearing any underwear under the flimsy trousers, and the material kind of outlines everything so instead of putting his question politely like he should he blurts out, “…your dude parts?”

Changmin stares, then purses his lips offended.

“Yeah I am sorry hyung but unfortunately they are not detachable so they are gonna stay.”
But he gets that Yunho is still thinking that he is probably shitting him because he is kind of slow and that thought puts him off ‘coz he was looking for another kind of reaction, because come on he is practically putting his self-respect aside for this and the idiot he is doing it for doesn’t even…

So he huffs, flips Yunho off, tells him that he is useless and storms off.


So Yunho still believes that Changmin was kinda joking.

…but then SM Town happens, and the dress happens and the amused cordis and marginally scandalized female dancers happen
because why the fuck does a dude have to look like this in a dress and


Changmin happens.

All the sass and carefully controlled and practiced movements happen.

And the legs and the slit happens.

Yunho stares and stares not so surreptitiously perched behind a whole thing of stage lights, jaw unhinged.

Donghae comes over, slaps a whole thing of tissues at his face tells him to control his face, completely unamused.

Yunho turns to him, pure wonder evident on his face and asks.

“How can you not be affected?”

“Oh I don’t know…maybe because we almost do it on yearly bases…?” He replies, hands on his hips.

Yunho still kind of stares. So Donghae gives him an exasperated look and tells him to keep it in his pants.


And then the performance comes to an end and awkward shuffling, and giggling and running off the stage happens… so Yunho storms off to their room backstage, mildly annoyed.

But then he is super annoyed.

Because Changmin comes in all smiles and there are hoots and booty calls and takes selcas with half of the SM Town and Yunho is
just quietly fuming in one corner for some reason or the other or maybe because Changmin isn’t even paying attention to him.

 Yeah. Definitely because Changmin isn’t paying any attention to him.

Changmin hasn’t given him attention all week in lieu of his performance because we have to practice hyung and discuss things and
don’t wait up hyung ‘coz I’ll probably crash with the kyuline…

So he simmers slowly in a corner, tries to access his emotions because some dark part of him is constantly putting on a reminder that the heat that he is feeling isn’t because Changmin is not attentive towards him. It’s something completely different. And Yunho is apprehensive because they are colleagues and Changmin is working and Yunho should probably praise his work ethic and...he should not fuck this up.

But all his efforts are in vain and no matter how much he tries to tone down his emotions his brain only responds by multiplying the impulses of need to touch Changmin, need to touch him now and sends them to various of his body parts and then he is just stalking towards Changmin, yanking him from the cluster of the fans and telling everyone to evacuate the room because he wants to talk to Changmin.

Everyone gives him a polite look of utter disbelief but then they leave the room.

He slams the door shut then turns to Changmin who is observing him.

“Okay…” He starts, tries to be polite but then fails. “What the hell Changminnie…why?”

Changmin raises an imperial eyebrow, all haughtiness and surety. “Why not?”

Yunho doesn’t have the words to explain, can’t tell Changmin how it’s affecting him so he shuffles closer, wrings his hands, clearly agitated. Doesn't know what to say that won't fuck things up.

Changmin sighs.

“Seriously hyung, just kiss me already.”

So Yunho relaxes, smiles, saunters close gathers Changmin into his arms because Changmin knows.

And Changmin sighs into his kisses because fucking finally.


The End.

A/N I: Wow it's been a while since I have done this so I maybe a little rusty. And to all the peope who read my fics, I sincerly apologize for going AWOL all of a sudden, no excuses just an apology. I am sorry.

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I hope you're well. Long time since your last update. Thanks for the fic, Yunho, just kiss him already. ^_^

Yes I am well, and I hope you are in the best of health too. And it has been a while hasn't it :) I am glad to be back.
And you are welcome :)

Oh my, You ara BACK!!!!
Hope you doing ok ☺
Oh yes Changminieee knows Yunho pretty well;-)
Sweet ♡

Hahaha Yeah thank you for such a warm welcome, I feel humbled <3
I am doing good and hope you are too.
Thank you <3

Oooh I'm happy I found another fic inspired by that performance!
Changmin was so pretty! It's strange but on his face feminine make-up doesn't look awkward, I remember when Jaejoong got that female attire with make-up and wig in his part of 'Vacation' and for me it was so lame... but Changmin was good! Especially how he perfected his movements and gestures, and he seemed to enjoy the whole thing! It was strange looking at him like that because I thought he's the one who would never dress up as a woman! : D

And poor neglected and jealous Yunho at the end was so funny, I'm glad Changmin took pity on him!

Yunho be walking in, you do know you have your spare key. Why bother ringing the door bell. You serious hyung after hours of practicing our routine then running off to other side to practice with the kyuline. You know how hard it was during our first practice. Walking on heels, cordi noonas suggested low heels instead of usual pumps. thank Buddha. if you ever saw me okay picture bambi on ice, yes that was us. how can boa noona run in them let alone dance in 5 in pumps. my toe hurt just thinking about it. We didn't have time ordering fake boobs. stylist noona forbid it since we got distracted with kyu's feeling him up. lol. she popped his boobs and toss those out hyung. *pouts*
Winter season is over you know what time it is. defuzz the leg warmers ladies.

calm down yunho it's not like changmin will change his career path swinging on a stripper pole. min is dancing not stripping in front of thousands of audience. okay take part of it back. he did semi-stripteasing. that's not the point. hahaha. oh man.
you know you had ren and i freaked out a little when you disappeared like that. *calms heart* happy to see you. hope you're well. get enough rest no more injuries. =)

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