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'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional'

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[Drabble] Bad Business
JuYu 2
Title: Bad Business
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabble [No seriously]
Genre: General
Disclaimer: I own nothing besides the plot.

Summary: They fuck because it's easy, uncomplicated...

They fuck because it's easy, uncomplicated.

It ensures maximized pleasure without having to worry about hurting each others' feelings or expectations or something equally as shitty, trivial or 'human'.

They have long resigned to the fate of being a machine.

It has been grounded into them for so long that sitting idle seems like a waste of time.

All those years of bone wrecking training and exercise and diets with no sense of timing has done a number on both of them.

So they fuck, which is nothing like making love.

It's simpler, because lust is easier to define, to shape.

And there are added perks for fucking each other.

It keeps them grounded into their work, without any distractions.

It keeps them sane.

Or so it seems.

But the truth is it's hard for both of them to keep it 'professional'.

It's a human error.

There is also a thing called the heart involved.

Unfortunately for them Science is yet to develop a way by which the heart can be tamed and restricted.

A way by which it can be restricted to it's only purpose of circulating blood in order to keep the rest of the body alive.

But they say, heart has a mind of it's own.

It's their hearts that are getting traitorous by the minute and they are both finding it hard to keep an eye on them.

Now when they kiss, it's harder to let go.

Changmin grabs onto Yunho and kisses him like his life depends on it, Yunho reciprocates as if he has been thirsty all his life and
Changmin is the ultimate elixir that he has managed to find and he wants to spend the rest of his life drinking from him.

Now when they fuck it's harder to leave the bed for any of them or extricate himself from the other for all the efforts usually end up in further entwinement that results in less than a hair breath gap beween the two.

It's also harder for them to keep their eyes off each other.

It doesn't matter the time or the place they will always have time for each other.

And they both know it's bad business.

But neither is ready to admit nor deny.

A/N I: Lame drabble is lame. I posted it because it has been sitting in my drafts for way too long and I have no idea what to do with it. :/

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After reading this. 3DG - Painkiller popped into my head well. I've been raping the repeat button on it. So yeah. Hahaha!

Lyrics :

You know you need a fix when you fall down
You know you need to find a way to get you through another day
Let me be the one to numb you out
Let me be the one to hold you
Never gonna let you get away

The shoulder you cry on
The dust that you die on

I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer
Love me 'til it's all over, over
'Cause I'm the shoulder you cry on
The dust that you die on
I, I can be your painkiller, killer, killer

I know what you want so desperately
You know I give you one for free
Forever you're coming back to me
Now I'm gonna give you what you need
'Cause I know what you feed on and what you lead on

re lyrics, this works too:

DRIVE (Heartbeat City by the Cars)

"Who's gonna drive you home?"

OOwww nice! Excellent choice!

Both these songs are beautiful and fitting. Thank you so much for sharing :) <3

It's not lame~~~ Really! It's well written cause you managed to tell a whole story in such little words. Two thumbs up! d^^b

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