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[Fic] Aegyo
JuYu 2
Title: Aegyo [Drabble]
Pairing: HoMin
Genre: Fluff, Non- AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything besides the plot.

“Naem Naem Mi”

A/N I: To tell you the truth, it was kinda expected wasn’t it?

“Naem Naem Mi”

It’s the first sound that falls into his ears as soon as he opens the door to their personal dressing room. They have only just started the promotions of their new album this week and it’s their first performance on Inkigayo.

Yunho halts mid-step. He lets the door close without a sound and stays still, hidden behind a huge plant right next to him. No one has noticed him yet and he intends to keep it this way for a while because the sight that has caught hold of him is something that he hasn’t been able to witness for a while.

Changmin is almost done with his make-up and is now talking to their coordi and making silly hand gestures and adorable faces. He is quite obliviously engrossed in telling an exaggerated story of his ‘adventures’ on the shooting set of the new drama that he is starring in as the lead cast.

Yunho smiles at the play of emotions on the younger man’s face. It’s really been a while. And he has always been able to tell when Changmin is genuinely happy to be actually doing aegyo in front of people and pretend to do aegyo in front of an audience.

Today seems to be the former of the two occasions. But Yunho is still unable to comprehend that weird sound that had greeted him upon entering the dressing room.

He continues looking at Changmin’s emotive face and remembers the time when the younger was hell bent on acting like a cute little shit, pouting his way into getting everything he wanted. Truthfully those days hadn’t lasted longer than the initial 2-3 years after their debut but even in the later years Changmin’s playful side would come out to play once in a while.

It had completely disappeared during their hiatus, and had been less frequent in the years following their return as a duo. Changmin would still act cute on stage and for the audience whenever asked for it but in real life, when there was only Yunho and Changmin left, Yunho and Changmin who weren’t the perfect performers and entertainers, it disappeared.

And Yunho kind of feels responsible for that. Ever since they had returned as duo he had treated Changmin more as a partner, an equal, rather than a maknae. And Changmin had to go along with it, step up with his hyung, leaving his maknae image behind.

He is glad that he has helped Changmin blossom into a more charismatic person, someone who exudes confidence, by making him talk more and express himself freely. But he also misses the cute side of the younger half of TVXQ. He had never intended to play favorites when he was chosen as the leader of the band but Changmin was so helplessly adorable that Yunho gladly let him get away with
everything and anything.

But suddenly after their tenth anniversary, it feels like a switch has been flicked back on. Changmin is happier these days, sometimes hyper and sometimes helplessly adorable, that Yunho almost feels like time has turned back.

He continues watching in amusement as Changmin also goes on chatting, and now the blond dancer noona is listening to him too. He watches the trio act silly, this time they are having an Aegyo battle, trying to outdo each other in terms of acting cute.

Finally the blond noona notices him and beckons him closer, hollering excitedly.

“Yunho-yah, come tell his who is the cutest when it comes to Aegyo. We'll compete against each other”

He smiles and walks towards the trio. Changmin smiles at him too, eyes adorably mismatched and Yunho feels his heart swell with affection. He wants to pet Changmin like he used to when they were young, when things were easy, but he catches himself. Changmin has never been the touchy feely type. He prefers to stare instead.

“Unnie how can you expect him to be unbiased. It’s quite clear who he is going to choose. You know he only has eyes for his magnae.”

Their coordi waggles her eyebrows suggestively and watches with amusement as both grown ass men flush red.

“I know but he has to see this.” Blond dancer unnie winks at their coordi and grins wickedly at Changmin who’s suddenly more interested in his shoes.

“Yah Noona, I can be unbiased okay. Let’s see what you got.” Yunho insists because there is nothing more important than a man’s dignity.

They all take turns doing Aegyo, admittedly both noonas are pretty darn good. But then it’s Changmin’s turn…

“Changmin-ah, let’s do this okay. Hyung’s anticipating. Fighting”

“Yah you didn’t cheer us on.” Both noonas protest and Yunho silences them with a cheeky grin and a shrug.

“Changdol-ah…” he starts but…

“Naem naem mi”

And Yunho has to do a lot of effort in order to stop and keel over and expire on the spot at the cuteness that is overflowing.

But then Changmin does it again and…dignity be damned this is the cutest fucking thing Yunho has seen in his life. So he declares
Changmin the winner much to the noonas delight.

“Told you so.” The dancer noona smiles and the both ladies walk away on the call of choreographer, before Yunho can reply.

“What’s gotten into you these days?” Yunho asks Changmin, smiling when the latter looks a bit bashful and then Changmin opens his eyes super wide and asks.

“You don’t like it?” And Yunho splutters before he croaks out a reply, turning red.

“No, no I like it very much Changdol-ah. It’s like you have caught the baby disease.”

Changmin laughs but then solemnly says. “I am happy Hyung. I am happy.”

Yunho recognizes the tone and sobers up instantly. He recognizes what the younger is implying. Changmin has never been comfortable
saying things that he wants to, and Yunho is long accustomed to  reading between the lines because he doesn’t want Changmin to di things he doesn’t want to. And big words and grand gestures have really never been needed by the two of them. They are secure enough
in each other’s feeling to know what the other wants to say with just one look.

Yunho smiles again, hopelessly affectionate.

“I am happy too Changmin-ah.” And he reaches out to ruffle the younger man’s hair because the concept of personal space is yet
another thing he never bothered learning but he is met with resistance and a very shrill reprimanding sound of their coordi saying

“Jung Yunho it took me ages to tame that unruly mop of curls and if you ruffle it now, you’ll be answerable to me!”

Yunho squeaks and withdraws his hand immediately much to the amusement of the younger man, who is trying not die of laughter.

But then Yunho joins in too.

Because laughing together is always better.

A/N II: I wrote this in pieces so excuse me if this feels discontinued :-/. I am working on an assignment and I am in charge of the dialogues and script so I am actually completely focused on that these days.  Because unlike fiction I can’t get away with silly plot and stupid dialogues that I usually write -_-.  Wish me luck and lemme know through your comments how it was.


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Ladies! You can't beat the master of aegyo in Yunho's eyes. Changmin had ten years taming his heart. When he was intrusted with this cute little guy in care eyes matched his girl bambi. 'Parents, I claim this tiny human, you may leave' smother happiness and feeding minnie. You know very surprised yunnie didn't go sit on his lap, holding, smearing half his make up againt his shirt, ruffle his hair and cooing at him. If it weren't for the audiance around. Guys would give the ladies more ammo. Naw y'all be fine from now on. Happiness overcomes the worry and stress first year since their comeback hiatus. Now you discovered there's nothing to worry about. You got partner beside you, positive people got your back, fans everything is fine and dandy. Just chill. Well you gotta with very persistant umma taking your spot chasin you away. Go I got my boy til the fan ride train. ' but' go! Power behind her voice. Off he scampered.

"Parents I claim this tiny human" Lol DIES DIES DIES AND DIES AGAIN. ;D

yeah right! I know this will come! haha!

this so cute<3
Changmin forever the cutest in Yunho bias eyes XD

good luck for your assignment

Thank you :D
Yes Yunho has veey biased eyes especially when it comes to a certain somebody *winks* :P

'Big words and grand gestures have really never been needed by the two of them. They are secure enough
in each other’s feeling to know what the other wants to say with just one look.'


Exactly why I ship them. Nothing cheesy, just pure subtle love and affection. :)

I've been overflowing with HoMin feels since their 10th anniv concert and I blame Shim Changmin!!! :)

That's precisely why I love them too. Seriously they are so confident when they are with each other. Confident and unstoppable. :D I love the degree of trust that exist between them ^^ It's love and all other arguments are invalid :P

Shim Changmin got some I likes to think because there is no other way for me to explain why he is on a perpetual high since the tenth anniversary ;-) Changmin smiling makes for a happy Yunho and that means Imma be happy cookie too :D

I always knew yunho was biased for his Bambi and when it comes to changmin I don't think he'd put anyone else before our min....
As for the aegyo I'm a sucker for it especially if it's from my Minnie .....
Unnie I miss you dearly....
I wish we could talk to each other more.....^^
Love, ren.

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