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[Fic] Silent Treatments and Making Up
JuYu 2
Title: Silent Treatments and Making Up.
Pairing: MinHo
Genre: Fluff, Romance.
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-Shot.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing besides the plot.
Summary: Yunho is giving Changmin a silent treatment…

A/N I: This is a long overdue one-shot, written for my gorgeous twin Coychick and is based on their Humanoids album jacket photo shoots were Yunho looks pouty and Changmin looks as if trying to capture his attention. I am a terrible fan hence you might notice a few details mixed up here and there, but then I am a lazy cow so I haven’t done enough research to correct them so I am going to ask you guys to be generous and forgive me my mistakes. :D


He is watching the on-goings with far less interest that should be considered polite. He is used to all this by now, his body and brain have both adjusted to this kind of lifestyle and the expectations that come with the career he has chosen for himself. Hence his utterly bored expression is fully justified in the face of the hustle and bustle all around him.

But even though his disinterested demeanor is making everyone steer clear of the handsome man, something does have his attention. And that something or someone is actually a six foot man child who is studiously ignoring him. Changmin had a rift with Yunho earlier. It was nothing serious, the same old hygiene problems but he had snapped out, and now Yunho is ignoring him. Truthfully, he was the one at fault for going at Yunho’s home for the sake of cleaning up the apartment and then yelling at him for being so untidy and making him do all the work.

The fight would not have been serious but in his anger he had said things that were way beyond the casual nagging he’s wont to do. Let’s face it he is mean and he hits where it hurts. And Yunho who was way past his endurance due to very busy schedule of his, had yelled back saying things that were equally hurtful and well...angry.

Everybody in the industry knows that an angry Yunho is not to be trifled with and Changmin, despite having spent almost ten years with the man has learned his lesson not to push the man way past his endurance. Now Yunho is studiously ignoring him as if he doesn’t exist and that is hurting the man on levels that he never knew existed. Everything is a little different now that they have started living apart. Of course both of them spend more time with each other than without but still, at times their different schedules demand them to be separated for several periods of time and during those times Changmin gets the most apprehensive.

But that has not been the case these past two weeks.

They don’t have any schedules apart from their Humanoids photobook shoot these days but Yunho has been ignoring Changmin like plague. Even if they are in the dressing room together, the topic of conversation never steers away from work, and for someone who is used to talking about everything and anything with his hyung, Changmin is way beyond the dictionary definition of perplexed. And everything in Yunho’s manner screams uninvited towards Changmin and that puts Yunho’s apartment off-limits.

Seeing as this has never happened before, Changmin, who is so used to being the center of attention in his hyung’s world, is a little flabbergasted at it and is floundering, something he hasn’t done before.

But to be frank it is hurting him a little to see Yunho being giggly and talkative with everyone except him and being the crazy obsessive fucker he is, it’s not a surprise.But still it hurts.

He huffs in irritation as a familiar bout of jealousy takes hold of him at the sight of Yunho chatting up a storm with their foreigner photographer. The lady that SM entertainment has hired is from Japan and is quite a beauty herself with a spanish mix in her genes. She is young but acclaimed photographer in the industry, having done her studies from the states.

He notices with woebegone eyes that she looks even more beautiful when she is smiling and apparently she happens to be quite the conversationalist as well if Yunho’s disgustingly cute giggles are anything to go by. Changmin has always had a thing for a giggly Yunho. It’s an incredible turn on for him to watch the older half of TVXQ fall apart into a helpless goo, with an embarrassed laughter at something infinitely stupid done by himself. Yunho looks even more beautiful when he is laughing because his eyes turn into crescent moons and his perfectly in line row of pearly whites adds to the handsomeness of his face.

But there is something about the way Yunho falls apart, helpless with laughter...

Sometimes they would have tickle fights that would end up in mind blowing sex and that is a treat in itself for the younger man, which is why he has developed this claim on everything Yunho including the man’s smiles and giggles. The ‘Mine’ streak in him is so strong and palpable at times that their fans take notice and have a blast at the fan forums, making rather interesting speculations about their lives.

It’s the younger man’s fault for being so transparent when it comes to Yunho. A rueful smile tugs his lips upwards as he remembers the time when he had almost yelled at a Japanese woman to stop flirting with Yunho and pay attention to the silly game she was playing with Yunho in the show. Changmin has never hated rock, paper and scissors game in his entire existence but at that moment it was the worst game to ever be invented in the history of all stupid games.

He stops his musings as he watches the tiny woman high five Yunho before they both burst into a new fit of laughter. He is glaring daggers into the small woman’s blond head, completely uncaring of the fact that someone might notice his acute lack of mannerisms when it comes to her. She is not tiny or small per se, having a decent height of 5’6, but then Changmin is taller than half the Seoul so it is not really his fault that he has to look down upon anyone shorter than him. Heck he even laughs at Yunho for being shorter than him even though the man is barely an inch small.

He is still staring holes at the back of the photographer’s blond head, when his make-up noona reaches him to touch up his make-up. Finally, he groans as he lets himself be dragged into the corner of the room where the make-up stuff is set up. He glances back and watches with a self-satisfied smirk that the photographer is now alone and fiddling with the camera, no doubt readying it for the photo shoot, that means Yunho is changing his clothes. Finally they are going to do some work, instead of chatting up a storm like ‘some’ people were. He rolls his eyes and lets the coordi touch up his make-up, let’s all things slide from his mind for a moment. But his moment of peace is short lived as Dominique, their photographer, announces that she will be taking Yunho’s solo photos first.

Changmin’s lips turn down into an unhappy moue as he watches Yunho emerge from the dressing room, dressed in a black high neck shirt and skinny jeans. He watches on with dismay as Yunho stands against the window and does a couple of stretches, to ready himself for the photo shoot. It’s a photo shoot for heaven’s sake, Changmin muses with a turned down pout. It’s not like they are going to have a dance off here. But that does not stop Yunho from pulling his hands up and stretching a little further. His shirt rides up, revealing his tanned stomach and Changmin’s guts do a somersault as the photographer chooses to capture that moment by exclaiming loudly and halting Yunho, who, of course, stops and gazes into the camera in a way that he has perfected over the years. God, the lady is sure a pervert, there’s no way Changmin is going to let that shot end up in the photo book, unprofessionalism be damned. Changmin huffs in irritation and squirms about in his seat waiting for this whole ordeal to be over and done with.

A series of clicks, coupled with instructions follow, as Yunho continues on with the photo shoot. Changmin knows for Yunho it’s all about being professional, but the thought still doesn’t let him be calm. Yunho’s moved from the window to a pair of sofa chairs and is posing there. Dominique is fully devoted on her task of taking photos and Changmin is piling more negative little details into his list of the things he doesn’t like about her.

Finally Yunho’s solo comes to an end after a few more shots against a wall bearing a poster of a man, bent like a pretzel, wearing a swimming trunk. Changmin is ushered onto the set. They crouch down against the wall and pose together. Changmin still looks a bit wounded but he manages fine, until a dog makes an appearance. Great, he notices Yunho getting chummy with the dog, with something akin to disdain.

Unbeknownst to him, the photographer is shaking her head at him rather amusedly as she continues taking photos of the two of them. Changmin’s face is the right picture of misery as he watches Yunho give his full to the little furry animal which basks in the attention being bestowed upon him by Yunho.

Thankfully, the animal is soon carried away as they are ushered into the dressing rooms for a change of clothes. Changmin comes out first and stands in the middle of the room, waiting for Yunho to hurry up. He is still a little pouty about the whole dog thing when he hears a soft cough from his side. It’s Dominique and he has to school his features to prevent them from being turned into a scowl. He is a professional dammit and he will not lose face in front of her.

Dominique smiles at the play of emotions on the younger man’s face. Changmin is not known for having control on his features and she has a hint as to why she had managed to land herself in his bad graces at their very first encounter. Who doesn’t know of the younger’s possessive streak when it comes to Yunho. But she also knows that this time it’s not just Changmin’s urge to possess Yunho that is the proverbial pink elephant in the room. Something is off between the two halves of TVXQ and the chilly and interaction less environment of the set is a proof of it. If Changmin is known for his ‘My Hyung’ tendencies than Yunho has his own ‘My Changdol stuff’ going on but today only one half of the play is showing. Yunho is studiously ignoring the younger one and it is quite the opposite of what she has heard and seen.

How she knows that is because she is a photographer with enough A-plus photo shoots in her bag to render her a good photographer as well as an excellent face reader one of the reasons why she’s always able to capture moments worth capturing. And while she is enjoying the little show, she can’t help but tease the younger man a little. In all truth she is a fan of the boys and her manager knows about the squealing fit she had thrown when he had announced that she will be the one taking their photos.

However, she is a little concerned about whatever it is that is happening between the two of them but she can’t let it go on for long. Of course one may argue that it’s none of her business but she is their photographer for this event and that makes it her business too, because, in all honesty the concept demands them to be playful and interactive and she’ll be damned if she doesn’t get the boys to play nice for it.

She pastes on a haughty scowl of her own, as she stands besides Changmin, both of them leaning on a table.

“You know I could practically hear you gritting your teeth all the way over to the window.”

Changmin scoffs and chooses to scowl and ignore her. His manager pales next to him but he doesn’t bother. Dominique stays the manager with a careless wave of her hand as he is about to break into one of those spells where he explains how Changmin has been working non-stop and is at his wits end and doesn’t feel like talking at all. She has been in this business long enough to know a brat when she sees one.

“Sheath your claws baby boy, I am not trying to steal your man if that’s what you are worried about.” She smirks at the momentary wonder that splashes itself on Changmin’s face as he gapes at her before smirking.

“Well he wouldn’t be interested anyway, his preferences lie someplace else.”

Dominique laughs fully. “Like I had any doubts about that.”

Changmin loosens up a little too and smiles but his smile fades as he notices Yunho observing him but then looking away when he notices.

His pout is duly noted by Dominique who clicks her tongue at him and then asks.

“Look I know it’s none of my business but everything okay between you two.” She looks towards Yunho who is laughing with the manager now. “The usual spark is missing between you two today.”

“You’re right it’s none of your business, but yes we had a fight, more like an argument.” Changmin sighs. “And now he is giving me the silent treatment.”

Dominique raises an eyebrow at the pout that has upgraded itself and she resists the urge to coo and pat the brat. Something tells her that her efforts will not be appreciated at all. So she decides on laughing at his expression to which Changmin pouts some more. But then her eyes catch the underlying uncertainty in Changmin’s eyes and she suddenly knows what the real problem is. It’s never been hard enough for her to read someone before and Changmin is no different but this time what she is seeing is making her feel uncomfortable as she feels like she is intruding. Changmin is totally oblivious to her studying him so closely as his eyes are all but glued onto Yunho.

They had a fight, an argument as Changmin says but Dominique knows that it’s not the argument that’s making Changmin so fearful and uncertain, its Yunho’s silence. Anyone can see what position Yunho holds in Changmin’s life and vice versa. Yunho is like Changmin’s axis and she can easily notify the hurt, anguish and distress it’s causing just because Changmin is not being treated the way he is so used to by Yunho. He is being thwarted off the usual attention and that is throwing him off his axis.

She sighs as she takes in Changmin’s resigned expression at another one of Yunho’s laugh and the losing smile that follows after.

“You two are so bad for each other.” She says into the comfortable silence that’s between them.

“Well that’s not making me feel any better. You are not very good at making them feel nice talk are you?”

“No seriously, I am right.” Dominique picks up her camera from the table and turns to him. “I am only going to ask you one thing.”


“Have you seen the way he looks at you?”

Changmin stays silent but the blush that raises high on his face is pretty evident for a keen observer like her.

“He looks at you like you’re the only honest thing in his world, Changmin. So don’t for a moment think that he is gonna let you go that easy, arguments be damned.”

And then she witnesses the first real smile by the young man and gives him a bro thump at his shoulder that actually says “go get him boy.”

Thankfully the rest of the shoot goes well as Changmin decides to play the insufferable brat and proceeds to dump all the cheese balls on his hyung as he lays down to pose for the camera. Yunho had decided not to be difficult at all. Their mutual shots came out just perfect and at the end of the shoot everyone can visibly notice the tension breaking as the partners make their way towards the exit of the studio.

They say their goodbyes to the staff members and applaud everyone’s hard work and Changmin gets a secret thumbs up from Dominique and laughs his way to their car. He has the perfect plan for making up with Yunho.


Their manager goes to Yunho’s apartment first and the older man gets out of the car first and makes a beeline for the shower. Changmin smiles ruefully, for all the ignorance his hyung wants to display, Yunho is failing quite miserably. Really he hadn’t even batted an eyelid at Changmin telling their manager that he will be staying with Yunho tonight.

Changmin drops all their belongings at their rightful places before slowly making his way to the shower as well, shedding clothes one by one on the way. He reaches the door and places his hand on the knob. He knows it’s going to be unlocked and smiles when the door opens.

Yunho is standing under the shower spray, humming a tune, facing away from Changmin. He hasn’t noticed Changmin entering, so Changmin closes the door quietly and saunters closer, plastering himself to Yunho’s broad back. He feels Yunho stiffen and he sighs before wrapping his arms tightly around the older man’s waist and holding on.

Yunho is dead still as if frozen and then he relaxes as Changmin plants a kiss at his nape, sucking lightly.

“I am sorry” Changmin says over the batter of water at the tiles. It’s not loud enough for him to scream and he nuzzles into Yunho’s shoulder as he whispers the words again and again against the wet skin.

Yunho takes a deep breath and rests his one atop Changmin’s and his other hand goes back to tangle itself in the younger man’s soft wet locks.

“We are so bad for each other.” Yunho unknowingly echoes the same words that their photographer had said and Changmin smiles ruefully.

“That’s what she said too.” He says as he continues dropping kisses at the wide expanse of skin that is displayed in front of him. He can never get enough of Yunho. His addiction is too gone to be able to be cured now and the same goes for Yunho.

“But you know what Yunho-yah,” he turns Yunho in the circle of his arms to look at his straight in the eyes. “We are also perfect for each other and that’s all that matters.”

Yunho smiles as he leans in for a kiss.

“Since when did you become the sappy kind?”

“It’s the company you know.” Changmin smirks as ha laps and laves at Yunho’s lips, kissing nipping and abusing the soft flesh between his teeth. “You’re bad habits are rubbing off on me.”

“Well I can’t bring myself to care since I like the change.” Yunho says before he takes control of Changmin and thrusts his tongue, taking all that he can.

Changmin moans into Yunho’s mouth and gives as good as he gets, but Yunho is a little too good at stealing his breath away when he is kissing him like he has got only four seconds to live.

“Yun…” Changmin tries but Yunho devours him again and they both laugh as they continue kissing each other.

“Yunho…” Changmin starts again and this time seals Yunho’s mouth with his palm, “at the rate we are going nobody is going to get clean in time.”

Yunho’s eyes are glazed over with lust and love and adoration and cheekiness and so many emotions that Changmin relinquishes his hold and goes back to kissing him full force.

Yunho laughs as Changmin continues to kiss and nip at his throat when he refuses him kisses and tries to pry him off.

“Okay, okay, “He laughs rich and vibrant. “I get it you’re forgiven.”

Changmin comes up from his hiding place in the crook of Yunho’s neck, eyes adorably mismatched, wet hair flopping onto his face.

“You love me again.” He grins.

“I never stopped.” Yunho smiles too.

“I love you too.”

“How come I don’t get an apology. You weren’t exactly the definition of innocent when we were fighting you know?”

“’Cos you’re a mean little shit and you hit where it hurts.” Yunho gets cheeky.


“Okay, okay I am sorry too.”

“Ah I guess i’ll have to forgive you since I am feeling very generous tonight.”

“Generous or horny?” Yunho grinds closer.

“… Am I that predictable?” Changmin opens his eyes wide in mock astonishment

Yunho gives him a pointed look that screams you-did-not-just-say-that-while-you’re-humping-my-thigh-like-it’s-the-end-of-the-world and presses closer, eliciting a moan from his partner.

“To me, yes you’re.”


Needless to say all these shenanigans resulted in a two hour long shower by the end of which they were wrinkled but happy and sated despite Yunho's fervent complains that he won't be able to dance owing to Changmin being a little too rough and who said that shower sex was a good idea. To which Changmin makes up with giving him long, long kisses and cuddles until they both fall asleep.

A/N II: I am so sorry Coychick, if this is not what you were expecting ;;. I tried, I really did ;;.

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waaahhhh that was so cute and fluffy and i think it's true .. yunho's silent treatment is the worst punishment for min and it's really hard for him to endure it cause as u said he was a center of his hyung's attention always ,,,we saw that in some vid too :D :D thank dear , like this oneshot so much

Changmin's need for Yunho to be near him at all times is very palpable. The time when they were performing their tense performances and the spellboung comebacks, the fans always said that Changmin would wait for Yunho and then they'd leave the stage together. He would always be near him.

Thank you for liking the story and commenting <3

Oh my fluffy homin they're so much love
Girl I freaking love ur fics <3

Fluffy Homin is indeed love <3

Thank you so much, I am blessed to have readers like you guys who always take time to comment <3

waah!I miss you! I miss your writing! and this is so cute..so sweet ..so endearing..oh I'm smiling while typing hahaha! jealous,possesive min is way too hot...

I miss writing too ;; but I am hella busy these days

Thank you for reading and writing <3

Wow that was cute and jealous min is a win win situation for me because I like seeing him all worked up and grumpy....

this was perfect after a long working day...
thank you
and love you loads....


Ren My babay :D

Thank you love <3 I love you too. I am sorry I have gotten so busy and we can't talk ;;

I hope everything is okay. Study hard and best wishes <3

kekekeke yunho's silent treatment is deadliest weapon against changdol

Changmin, Changmin, Changmin sweet giant Changmin *stands on a stool, pats back, before smacking his head* no one told you to clean up Yunho's untidy apartment. Since you couldn't restrain that OCD you gotta add verbal jabs below the belt. See where that mouth landed you.... like a kick puppy, possessive streak with new hired person you can't control Yunho being friendly with everyone but the baby.

Inner turmoil screaming .. picture provided


I laughed out loud. She's a pervert! Taking a picture of my Yun!Tummy! No one gets to see his skin more than me! (Min's gonna have a heartattack with the daisy duke and sweater, bound scarf.. his fetish for scarves he'll be unaware about til he see's it plastered all over newstands, his email, secret account so he can keep track fans gossip about... owwwww the excitement to see his eyes bug out on the twitter feed. His little fight over the last copy with a fan "You got fifty copies already. At least let me have this one!" ' NO!' "Give it to me, woman!") carried away.

Now that you've been set straight by Dominique. To say what your smart-mouth and brain never thought. "I am sorry"

Don't worry remember when the Japanese male host had hearts in his eyes at you. Practically stood next to you than his usual spot in the bunch. Yunho's possessive streak kicking him little okay exaggerated little more like put the weight behind kicking his ass.

Even from slight tiff. Nothing changes Yunho's feelings.
Yunho and Changmin opposite personality. Their halves complete what's missing. As it should be.


Opps caps abuse. :P

But seriously dude I love that you always come and comment and increase the fun. Forever thankful :P

Thank you for commenting :D

Luv you too! <333 thankful you write awesome stories! =D

Oh shoot I didn't leave a comment here?! Nooooooooooooo.



It's perfect!!!!!!

Aww You're here, Thank you for loving the story. I honestly felt soooooo bad for not being able to write it for you so I am glad that you have enjoyed it, despite it being super late. :D

I sent you a message on Tumblr when you replied to my fic post but I guess Tumble ate it up [grrr!!!].

Thank you <3

No need to feel bad, sweetie. The mere fact that you took the time to write this for me is truly appreciated. The wait was worth it!!! :))

And I'm very sure your other readers loved it as well!

Oopppps I think Tumblr didn't eat it but rather there are still messages in my inbox that I haven't checked/replied to. My Tumblr time is stolen time. Lol. I can spend hours on that site and I just don't have that luxury right now.


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