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[Fic] The Chase
JuYu 2
Title: The Chase
Pairing: HoMin
Genre: AU. Vampire themed.
Rating: R-ish [just to be safe]
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the plot.

Summary: He runs to get away and it doesn't matter that the end is always the same...

A/N I: I know that the plot is kind of cliche but  write what the muse wants and muse wanted a vampire AU so here goes...Enjoy :)

He is aware of the bubble of hysterics threatening to free itself from the confines of his throat but he dares not make a sound. It's a game they have played for centuries and yet every single time he manages to get caught. There hasn't been a single time where Changmin has actually managed to lead the chaser astray with false movements or illusions.

But it's not his fault for the one who chases him knows him well. Too well to be precise.

"No," Changmin whispers to a broken wall, his vision holds at an equally broken staircase and he flees towards it, trying to find a way to distract the one chasing him. He wobbles on the stairs. It's an old abandoned castle, old enough to be considered the country's architectural artifact. Not that he knows what country they are in right now.
His usual powers of sheer observation abandon him whenever his chaser comes out to play. And he loses all semblance of sanity, all control over his thoughts, his rationale, his mind. He just runs. Adamant on winning although he loves losing to his pleasure.

"No," He chants as he hears a whisper among the wisps of wind floating about him. He knows he is near. His chaser has a way of letting him know how near he is, how close. The fact that his chaser never follows the traditional customs that are involved in predator-prey play, is what makes it even more glorious for him and he loses willingly, despite-

"Gonna get you Changminnie" another whisper and he trips at his feet, barricades his fall on his hands, curses and gets up again.

"No," he chants again, out of breath, not because of effort. He is drunk on lust, it snarls at him, sends him into a frenzy, makes him anxious, hyper-aware of everything around him.

He is aware of his fate, but the knowledge does nothing to dampen the desire to win. He struggles against the hold of lust against his body as he braces himself against a wall, tries to lower his pulse but fails, anticipation and  adrenaline thrumming through his veins like fire.

"I am so close baby, so close I can smell you." Another whisper and he pushes himself away from the wall, a disgruntled cry escapes his lips as he leaps over a broken bolder towards another flight of stairs that is rotting away slowly, the stone punctured with holes from the constant rainfalls.

He flies over the stairs, takes two, three at a time, anything to escape his evident end. His  pants are too tight at his groin, his already heavy cock constricted in the confines of the faded gray jeans he is wearing. He wants to rub himself but refrains from it. He is not allowed to and he also knows that his wait will bring forth pleasure that knows no bounds.

He rounds the corner at the end of the stairs and  finds himself in a room. The stairs are the only way in the room and he shudders when he hears a chuckle and the accompanying words with it.

"You're trapped Changminnie, I am gonna get you. You'll surrender won't you?"

Desperate he looks for a way out. The room has only a single window, he races towards it. Looks down to find that he is almost 200 ft. above the ground. He looks back, there is no sign of his captor yet but Changmin knows how much he likes to lurk in the shadows, drawing out the chase because it drives Changmin crazy with lust.

He hooks when leg over the base of the window and is momentarily distracted at the piece of stone that crumbles and falls from under his toes. He grabs the side wall and climbs up, sitting on his haunches, if he calculates the jump he might be able to save himself. Not that any potential injury would be dangerous to his kind.

"That's a bad idea baby." The whisper comes with a gust of wind, and excitement runs havoc in his veins. He looks back again, smirks, out of breath and then lurches ahead.

For a moment he is glad and a laugh breaks out of his lips, he can almost taste his victory for they have one rule in this game. If he manages to escape the confines if the castle they have chosen, he'll be free. He is so close he can feel his victory, but then two arms fly out at his sides and grab him mid air, reel him back and he cries out, tries in vain to grab at the sides of the window but his fingers come away with broken stone and crumbled dust.

His captor turns him in his arms and slams him against the wall, raising a smoke of dust around them and he snarls, fidgets and tries to break free but Yunho has always been stronger than him regarding physical strength and all his struggle is in vain as Yunho pins his hands above his head with one hand. The other hand is firmly tucked under his ass to support his weight and Changmin's legs come to rest at his hips as he gives up and leans back to stare in his lover's eyes.

His pupils are blown but the red in his eyes is evident and Yunho chuckles as he leans in to lick at his lips.

"I love it when you are wild like this baby. You almost got away didn't you? But I have you now. So what's your answer now? Still no hmm?" He looks into his lover's eyes, sees the threads of amusement between the pool of lust.

"No?" Yunho whispers again, sniffs at Changmin's throat, insinuates his body closer, eliciting a moan from his partner.

Changmin feels the heavy hard length against his and throws his head back, baring his neck in blatant invitation for marking, feasting.


A/N II: It's my baby's birthday isn't it. Happy Birthday to Shim Changmin, the snarkiest brat in the world with a heart of gold <3.

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I love the sexual tension in this! Have to say that no matter how much I love Changmin, I was rooting for Yunho to win throughout this entire thing haha. It all works out in the end anyway. ;)

Thank you :D Well I have noticed how much Changmin gets excited when he is running so yeah :P

It's not surprising that Changmin loves to be chased around.

I know right! I mean I was very surprised when I saw him in running man episodes :D

Hot breathe fans out hugging his heated skin. Nose running along side his vein towards his jaw. Smell of excitement, adrenaline, lust, frustration all mixing together my favorite cocktail inhaling the sweet scent. Yunho poking his tongue out for a taste once, twice, trice, flattening his tongue laving at sensual taste earns himself a moan. Fangs clamp down slice into invited flesh. Intoxicated lexer invading his taste buds. So sweet, so addicting, my mate, all of him, mine. As I to him. For all eternity. Forever we will be.

Thank you, muse. This is... intense. I actually like how Changmin wants to win but wants to lose as well. So contradictory. Is changmin a vampire as well?

Yes he is, Yes I wrote it around that tension of getting caught and not wanting to get caught
Thank you :D

This is just the perfect b'day fic for Changmin Ofcourse my Minnie love, loves to get chased especially if Yunho is the chaser well I loved it I was hoping You might write a fic for you're baby....

This exams are keeping me away but still I sneaked up to wish me love b'day....!

Love you,

Thank you :D

Work Hard for your exams and good luck :D

Love ya too!

happy b-day bb ^o^ and Changminie's too :D
thanks for this update , can't wait for more of u ^o^
kissu :-**

Changmin's truly hard to get but Yunho alwas got him !!
i hope ur musr for Muse will come i'm in love with that fic...sorry no press

Thank you so much dear for the birthday wish <3

Yunho will always get Changmin :P That's my belief :P

Hugs and kisses :*

guhhhhhh so hot and it isn't the feasting part yet /fans self x'D

love this piece. thank you, and a very happy birthday to you ^^

Thank you for loving this piece and wishing me birthday :D

happy birthday!!!!!it's your birthday right...yesterday?nwayz...I love the chased...it leaved me breathless and changmin's answer in the end I keep my breath as if I didn't read the word in the end haha!!love it!love yah!!

Thank you dear for the birthday wish :) It was on the 19th.

Thank you for loving the story and me :D

Hey there! Wow I haven't been back in my LJ in awhile. Caught up with all your recent posts. Glad to see you're still going strong with the fics. Well this was a nice little fic. The fun and excitement. The exhilaration you could feel from Changmin and how his lust was playing off of Yunho's. Very nice. ;) Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. You're fics are still great and you still love HoMin so yay~ Also happy late b-day sweetie. Hope it was good for you. And happy late b-day to the other half of twoshinki too.

Thank you so much dear. It's alright. Please don't apologize for not commenting on the fics. I have a whirlwind of a real life myself so I can understand that you are busy. God knows I myself am very lousy with my replies.

Thank you so much for your kind comment :) and I can't seem to stop loving HoMin so yay :D

Thank you for the birthday wish as well :)

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