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[Fic] Changmeanie
JuYu 2
Title: Changmeanie
Pairing: HoMin
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Crack.
Length: One-Shot
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own anything besides the plot.
Summary: Just Changmin being his usual self even in real life. But this time...
A/N I: This is a pointless drabblish thingy. Urmm Enjoy :p

"Yunho!" Changmin hollers indignantly from the hall way as he huffs and gruffs at the sight before him. Yunho had just stumbled into the apartment a few minutes earlier mumbling this and that about it being late and needing a shower and early schedules.

Changmin had let him in before resigning from the game he was playing to fix something for the older man because he knows that between schedules Yunho would totally have forgotten to eat. He chooses to make them both hot chocolate because he also knows that Yunho refuses to eat anything after 6 pm.

"Changmin, what happened?" Yunho stumbles into the living room, towel slung low on his hips, hair dripping droplets that make little rivulets on his body before dying into the soft folds of the towel. Changmin admires the view until his eyes come to a stop at the puddle his hyung is standing in.

"Goddamn you Yunho!" He growls.


Changmin sighs, running a hand through his hair before pointing towards the door of his apartment.

Yunho's eyes follow the movement and he realizes his mistake at once.

"Fix it. Now." Changmin growls out an order before going back into the kitchen.

"Seriously Changdol-ah you could have waited until after I showered to make me put my shoes at the rightful place by the door." Yunho cajoles as he bends down to retrieve the sneakers he had left strewn across the door way in order to make a mad dash towards the
bathroom. Nature was calling and calling and if he hadn't hurried there would have been more than just the shoes as the mess and a very angry Changmin to deal with. Not that he doesn't love that side of Changmin.

Changmin doesn't bother replying but he does give Yunho a stink eye when he passes by whistling merrily, to which the older man replies with an air kiss.

Changmin huffs again irritated for some odd reason. Maybe it has to do with the fact that him and Yunho have been busy with their schedules, so much so that they have had barely any time with each other together, except for the times when they were actually working.

He sighs again as he puts both the mugs in a tray and makes his way to the master bedroom. He can hear Yunho singing loudly in the shower and he shakes his head smiling ruefully. No matter the amount of nag and distaste he has thrown on the other man for making them late for their schedules whenever Yunho decides to have a solo concert in the shower, he still hasn't managed to make the older one quit this habit.

It has gotten to the point where he doesn't even bother.

A loud sound reaches his ears and Changmin shouts again.

"Jung Yunho! I swear if that's my new perfume that you have just broken, I am going to fucking end you."

"No it isn't, it's my baby powder bottle." comes the calm reply.

"Must you always dance up a storm in the shower. Don't you get enough of it on stage."

"Hey it never happens daily okay. I am just extra clumsy today." Yunho comes out of the shower drying his hair with a towel, wearing only a boxer. "it's your fault that i am stumbling over everything and anything today"

Then he just throws the damp towel at Changmin who is gaping at him, completely at a loss for words at Yunho's preposterous claim. He peels the towel off his face, makes a mental note of yelling at Yunho for it later and replies.

"My fault, how is it my fault?"

Yunho sniffles into his mug, taking a long sip, moaning at the taste before he turns to pout at his maknae.

"You thwacked me so hard when we were filming for that surprise video."


"I can still hear my pituitary gland screaming bloody murder."


"I think I have a concussion too"


"I think a few million of my brain cells have died."


"I think my I.Q has dropped too Changminnie. Take responsibility."

Changmin purses his lips in reply and practically inhales all of his hot chocolate. God knows he needs the sugar hit. He knows his boyfriend is all right by the gleam in his eyes. Yunho is just riling him up because it's fun to steam roll Changmin because angry
Changmin is his favorite kind of Changmin. Or maybe because Yunho is a sadist who loves to manipulate his young lover into a fit of rage so he can capitalize on it and try to tame the younger one.

Changmin is more than a handful when irritated and Yunho loves to be controlling so he latches onto every chance he gets to rile him up. And today is just one of those days. Plus Changmin needs to be taught a lesson for hitting him so hard. Yunho frowns at the memory as he gulps down the last sip.

He has been aware of the fact that over the course of ten years their roles as the doting leader and the puppy eyed hyung worshiping maknae have kind of reversed and the reversal is all kinds of hilarious but he really did not expect Changmin to hit that hard.
He can still feel the sting of that plastic hammer and how much control it took for him to keep his hurt ego from showing.

He places the cup on the night stand as he makes his way towards the pouting maknae. He takes the cup from Changmin's hands and
gulps down the little remaining drink as Changmin protests again.

"Must you do that?"

Yunho raises an eyebrow.

"Why so irritated tonight Min-ah?"

"Why are you always stealing my food?"

"Because it's your food, and what's yours is also mine. And my food doesn't taste as good as yours."

"Ugh." Changmin huffs and turns away pulling the duvet all the way to his head. Yunho clambers on top of the squirming little burrito.

"Yah! Changminnie you have to fix it before you go to sleep. Otherwise I am going to keep annoying you."

"Fix what!" Changmin shouts peeling the duvet off glaring at the older half of his but Yunho refuse to budge.

"My head, what else?"

"Hyung go away I am in no mood to play." Changmin again tries to get inside the duvet but Yunho stops him and no matter how hard he tries he can't get the strong man off of him. Yunho has gained weight and he has also started to go to the gym again and Changmin had a real hard time keeping his hands to himself when he they were recording The Game because Yunho had decided to be all casual and casual means fucking sexy with those broad shoulders and...and...

"Changminnie" Yunho's face comes into his view and every thought wipes out of his mind as he takes in the expression of Yunho. He knows Yunho has found out about the direction of his train of thoughts and is now wearing a cheeky grin.

Changmin lowers his to Yunho's lips. If that's what Yunho is asking for, he is going to play along as well. He licks at his own lips, deliberately slowly and catches a grin at the exhale that leaves Yunho's mouth. He raises his half lidded eyes to meet his boyfriend's.

"Yunho!" he says breathlessly and leans in to nuzzle at his face. Changmin raises his hands to frame Yunho's face and licks at his lips, resulting in a quiet moan from the aroused man. Yunho has closed his eyes, clearly anticipating and Changmin allows himself a smile.

He loves that he has such control over the other man even though he chooses to submit to Yunho.

He licks at Yunho's mouth some more, earning himself distressed moans and whimpers because clearly Yunho wants more.

"Yunho." His voice has dropped into the lowest register Changmin can muster and Yunho shivers because Changmin's bedroom voice does things to him and his boyfriend is a little too cheeky manipulating this little gem of an information to his heart's extent.

"Yunho baby!" He breathes the words into Yunho's ear as he licks and nip at the delectable lobe. Yunho drops his head into the crook of his neck and sinks his teeth there, causing Changmin to tilt his head to the side, groaning.

Yunho licks at the sore skin and then kisses his way up Changmin's nape to play with his ear. Changmin is busy blinking the lust away, as he tries to collect himself back and take control but Yunho is too good with his ministrations. His hands knowing all of the sweet spots
on Changmin's body.

Changmin moans long at a particularly heavy lick at his ear lobe coupled with the tug at his clothed nipple. No wait this is not how he wanted to go. He tangles his fingers into Yunho's hair and tugs him back staring at his eyes, the desire swimming in it, evident.

Yunho leans in to kiss again but he refuses and takes a strong hold of his face with his hands as he controls his heartbeat.

Yunho is having a hard time. A really hard time. Because the way Changmin is looking at him right now is making his breath come out in fast pants. The love and admiration is evident along with astonishment and Yunho feels cherished. He feels loved because the younger man rarely shows this side of his.

"Yunho." Changmin whispers again and Yunho shivers, closing his eyes. "You are so hot, so beautiful. Do you know how hard it was for me to control myself." Changmin continues to pepper kisses all over his face, licking and nipping here and there. "You shouldn't be
allowed to wear casual outfits."

"Changmin" Yunho whines, trying to get the younger man to kiss him but Changmin evades his lips whenever Yunho tries.

"No wait let me finish," Changmin stops a fit of giggles from erupting. He has got Yunho hooked. This is good, so good.

The tip of Changmin's tongue comes out and he runs it at the full length of Yunho's cupid bow lips. Yunho opens his mouth but Changmin draws back.

"Look at me, baby. Open your eyes and look at me," Changmin whispers again. Yunho groans at the timbre in the younger's voice and opens his eyes to stare into the deep pools of his lover's eyes.

"So sexy but why..?" Changmin leans in again and stops millimeters away from Yunho's lips. His breath ghosting over his lips and Yunho echoes.


"Why..." Changmin breathes again.

"Changmin!" Yunho whines again, clearly he is running out of patience.

"But why are you so freaking weird?"


Yunho deflates.

It's one of those moments when in variety shows that PD's look forward to so they can splash an array of exclamation and question marks around the screen. Changmin can practically see an army of those glowing around Yunho's head.

Changmin feels a wave of hysteria wash over him at Yunho's expression. Yunho looks the right picture of indignant as he tries to take in
the situation. So his boyfriend had sexed him up with all those romantic feels so he could laugh at him. Where has his Changmin gone?
Surely he wouldn't be that cruel.

He only comes to when he practically lodged off of Changmin as the younger one breaks into one of his hysterical fits of laughter where his whole body laughs and squirms with him. His boyfriend is having a field day as he rolls around in bed clapping his hands and pointing
at Yunho's expression.

"YAH!" Yunho howls indignantly and captures a pillow to fling at Changmin's face. It thwacks at his face promptly stopping the younger man's howls of laughter.

Yunho pats himself on the back, smug.

Changmin peels it off, revealing his deadly expression, as he grabs at the pillow and lunges at his boyfriend screaming "It's war."

Yunho laughs jubilant as he ducks and avoids Changmin's attack. He knows the deal so he gets himself the other pillow and both of them look for the opportunities to attack the other and disarm each other. Yunho soon flings Changmin's pillow to the floor then gets distracted trying to fling his own to the floor as well but Changmin beats him and grabs Yunho by his wrists making him fall back and gets on his boyfriends body, legs folded on either side as he sits on Yunho's belly.

They are both out of breath and panting, smiles pasted on their faces.

"Hate you." Yunho pouts at him. He is good at  schooling his features and it takes him less than a few seconds to go from smiley to pouty.

"No you don't." Changmin grins.

"You're so mean."  Yunho keeps pouting and looks so adorable that Changmin leans down to place a kiss at his lips. Yunho doesn't reciprocate and keeps his lips tightly closed, but he doesn't turn his head away and Changmin smiles.

"Oh yes I am mean aren't I?" Changmin coos mockingly, to which Yunho nods his head pouting some more.

"But you love  it." Changmin reciprocates joyously.

"I do, " Yunho decides to let go of sulking and grins too. He knows his boyfriend is being a regular brat that he is. He leans up, Changmin's hands still keeping him pinned and it thrills him that his boyfriend loves to take control. He raises his head to kiss and nip at Changmin's lips.

"I love you." Yunho says and Changmin moans and drops his own body down and kisses Yunho full force.

Yunho wraps his arms around Changmin and turns them over, licking the insides of his partner mouth thoroughly. Changmin moans and lets Yunho rearrange him to his liking, wrapping his arms and legs around the older man.

Yunho nips at his lips then pulls back and grins at the other's dazed expression. A naughty thought crosses his mind and he rolls off.

"Okay that was enough sexy times, I think we should sleep." Then he just casually turns over and pretends to sleep, holding in his snorts and trying really hard to stop himself from turning to look at Changmin's expression.
"Jung Yunho! You fucking douche, come back here."

He gets a mighty thump on the back and a howl of annoyance as Changmin flings his fists at his back.

"Okay, All right..."Yunho tries to stop his angry boyfriend. And succeeds in pinning the man to the mattress.

"Now you know how I felt. How does it feel Changdol hmm?" he raises an amused eyebrow at Changmin who huffs and then sighs, resigning.

"Okay, you win."


"Now can you fuck me please?"

Yunho laughs at the needy whine and leans down to kiss his boyfriend acquiescing to his needs...


The End.
A/N II: PLOT WHAT PLOT. SUMMARY WHAT SUMMARY. I think HoMin/ In bed should be my new OTP. I can't even remember how many times I have written them in bed, being gross and cuddly and plain nausea inducing OTL :P

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awww author-nim you're so bad leaving us hanging like that x3

anyway thank you, love this ^^ <3

Thank you dear <3

Well I was feeling cheeky that's why I left you guise hanging :P

nooooooooooooooooooooo the ending why it stop there..
huhu i need the n17 continuation ><

haha been hoping someone would write what happen after that brat smack Yunho so hard lol.
love Yunho cute revenge though Changmin still mean but this so cute XD

Thank you dear <3

I am glad I wrote it so you could read it. You can have this one :)

Maybe sometime I will write the NC-17 continuation but right now I am too swamped depite it being my vacation after the finals. The next sem is even tougher because I am thinking of taking extra courses so let's see what happens. :)

hehe you can write whenever you could^^
will be waiting:P

good luck for your next sem^^

Yes i'll be writing whenever I can. I can't stop 'cos it literally makes me feel better and it's my fav past time thing to do. :)
Thank you so much dear <3

They are just so adorable!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaa homin love
I just love ur fics
Missed ya
Kissu :-*

Thank you dear <3

You are really too kind :-*

Ohh mean and needy changmin \\. ^ o ^ // and only yunho can handle it!!

Not fair damn it!
You left it hanging You're the meanie over here, You ought to complete it, it's so not fair....
You left me hanging to...
I was so expecting it to go on and then I scroll down and find it's left like that......
Still I can't stay angry at you for too long ^^
Missed you....
I hope you're new sem goes awesome....
Love you, (waiting for your reply and your next update eagerly.)

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Hello Sweetheart. How are you doing?
I missed you too baby girl. <3

Yes I am taking after Changmeanie little by little that's why I left you guys hanging muahahaahahah :D lol. I am sorry about not writing the smut. I only wanted cute, cuddly and adorable HoMin for this one so I left it at that :)

Thank you so much for your wishes sweetheart. Lemme know how's life and studies and study hard okay :)

I love you too :*

aigoo you're my favorite non-au fic writer!!it really sounds so fucking real Iwant to have an sneak peek in their RL... well I love all your fics so You're my favorite Homin writer in general!!!

Oh Thank you sweetie. I was not expecting to be anyone's fav author lol. You are too king <3

I am always super anxious while posting AUs because I don't know what they are like in real life so I am always thinking that my stories might not be realistic enough. Your comment means a lot in this regard. Thank you really :)

Just think how dreadful it was doing this "Game" again. Yunho's first train of thought. Okay I can do this! I can beat Changmin and avoid getting hit by ThorMin! Nope. His hope strike down from the last pin dropped. Here comes the BOOM! Part of my entire life flashed before my eyes.. "Hey! I don't remember this part.." It's nice knowing your braincells and nerves. Lets hope I don't receive hair loss if he killed my hair cells.

Changmin! That black shirt complimented Yunho's broad smexy shoulders! (I'm a sucker for broad shoulders) You're lucky I didn't jump through the screen, get scissor happy snipping his back shirt off, add suspenders to his pants and have now tank top being held by suspenders. Yes! I'm bring Sexy BACK! Now catwalk for me Yunho!

"Dem other boys don't know how to act(yeah) Dirty babe you see these shackles I'm your slave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehave.. *clamps wrist together* take 'em to the bridge"


Huubbaa! Huubba! Hubba! OOWWW!!


pardon me green tea and pain meds do not mix.. makes ya hyper. kekeke..

laughed so hard at Yunho's comeback revenge. Changmin's turn with all the question marks surround him. WTH! HAHAHA! Bravo Yunho. Bravo! *muah!*

Edited at 2014-02-01 07:45 am (UTC)

Hahaha Babe I love your responses but I had to fish this one out of the spam :D

I had to clamp my hands on my mouth in order to keep myself from howling out my frustration when I watched that video. My roommates already think I am mad lol but yes broad smexy shoulders mmm :Q_____

I hope you are alright now.

Thank you again for making me laugh :D

drats! you found me lurking in the spam... dangles on the hook with yun!back picture bait...

wait! you are not complete. *puts on a tophat* there you now mad!yunho_1902.. welcome! \o/

trying holding yourself together in a library. "don't be looking at my men.." I said it beat it! beat it! mm woo hoo..

fine and dandy. wish you well. *bows* =DDD <3

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I just love how they come to life in your fics. I am for sure a fan :)

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