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JuYu 2
Okay Fellas! I think it was time for me to finally have my Master List.
Here You Go!

Master List of Fics


Enduring. [HoMin || R || AU, Angst, Romance]
Summary:The first time he walks into his office Yunho kind of forgets to breathe and blink.

Gods of The East: [Main: HoMin, JaeChunSu || PG-13 || Crack]
Summary: Just another day in the life of 5 most powerful guys on planet earth who were gifted God like powers by the God Zeus himself. Sure they can keep peace on the planet but it's their own home that is a question....

You Can't Choose...[MinHo || PG-13 || Romance, Non Au]
Summary: Shim Changmin cannot choose…

Pulsatto [HoMin || NC-17 || AU, Romance, Smut]
Summary: He has seen nothing of the man that visits him every fortnight. So he grasps onto one thing that is loud and clear between their encounters…his patron’s heartbeat.

Him [HoMin || PG || AU, Angst (Character Death)]
Summary: He wants him back…because there is no way he can function without him.

The Night Before [HoMin || NC-17 || Romance, Fluff, Smut]
Summary: It’s the night before Yunho’s departure. It’s true that between him and Changmin words are of little importance but tonight reassurance will only come if he matches his actions word for word.
Part [a] || Part [b]

Burden [HoMin || PG-13 || Non- AU, Angst]
Summary: He wants to share and he says the same too, despite knowing that it's just a shot in the dark that is bound to go unnoticed.

Just In Love [HoMin ||  PG-13 || Fluff, Romance, AU]
Summary: Just everyday loving…

Koala Bear [HoMin || PG || Fluff, Crack]
Summary: Look... it’s something completely out of Changmin’s control...

Beautiful You [HoMin || NC-17 || AU, Smut, Romance, Fluff]
Summary: Changmin doesn’t think he is beautiful or handsome. He thinks he’s pretty average features, made tolerable by makeup noonas and coordis. Yunho disagrees and tells him otherwise.
Part [a] || Part [b]

Nocturnal Whims [HoMin || PG-13 || Fluff, Crack, Romance]
Summary: "Because I am hopeless and you are my hope"

The Games we Play [HoMin || NC-17 || SMUT, filthy shameless smut, PWP]
Summary: Changmin is the biggest tease to walk the face of the planet and he shows  it in the 'subtlest' of ways....

Changmeanie: [HoMin || PG-13 || Crack, Fluff, Romance]
Summary: Just Changmin being his usual self in RL...                 

The Chase: [HoMin || R || AU, Vampires]
Summary: He runs to get away and and it doesn't matter that the end is always the same...

Silent Treatments and Making Up: [MinHo || PG-13 || Romance, Fluff, Humor]
Summary: Yunho is giving Changmin A Silent Treatment...
For coychick <3


[HoMin || PG to NC-17 ||  AU, Romance, Angst] [Completed]
Summary: Yunho is at a cross road in his life. He has always been known for making all the right choices but will he be able to make a right decision this time…

[1] || [2] || [3] Part [a] and Part [b]

Hidden [HoMin/MinHo || PG to NC-17 || AU, Romance, Angst, Fluff, Crack] [Hiatus]

Yunho: Nine months, he has spent nine months in this hell, his own inferno on earth. Now it's getting difficult. His resolve shaking and his strength dissipating.
Changmin: His nights are spent thrashing and writhing in bed, anguished screams loud in his ears, sometimes so vivid that he he feels as if they are his own. His sanity is slipping from his fingers like sand and he breaks to bits every day as he crosses two red lines on a calender.

[1] ||

Muse [MinHo || PG to NC-17 || AU, Romance, Fluff, Crack] [WIP]
Summary: Try as he might Changmin cannot bring himself to draw. Too bored of the usual faces in the manhwa’s, his manager sends him on an impromptu holiday and he ends up refreshing his drawing skills as well as finding his muse. ;-)

[1] || [2] || [3] || [4] ||


The Solfège Series [HoMin || NC-17 (all over) || AU, Romance. Smut, Fluff, Crack] [WIP]
Summary: It is a shamelessly smutty series lol . That's all ya' need to know :P

Solfège [Part 1] || Tainted Glass || Troubled Patient [a], [b] || Movie Night


Author Note:
I have Removed the Friends Only Post because I figured that it's better off this way. From now on my stories will be open to everyone. You can friend me if you want to :D. Happy New Year to all of you guys <3

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Happy New Year to you^^
looking forward for more awesome fic from you this year^^

Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you too!

And I hope I'll be able to write more as well and write better to. :)

Happy new year.........!

Hi unnie and a really big happy new year to you, *hugs you tight* I'm missing you but it seems my exams are taking a lot of time, and thank you for the masterlist it's really helpful this way.

love you I hope you write more this year....
*kisses your cheek and hides away*

Thank you so much dear. Happy New Year to you too!

You're having your exams. I hope you do well. Lemme know how they go. Okay! :)

Thank you for the wishes sweetheart, I am hoping to write more too but as it is my studies have also gotten a bit tough and I don't have as much time to to write these days as I had before. But I am still writing, the pace of it is another matter all along :)

Many happy wishes for the New Year and Good Luck for your exams :)

Stay blessed and healthy. ^^

So cool u did a master list!! It makes it easier to follow ur stories. I can't wait until u post the next chapt in Muse! Freaking love that story. Well I know u are very busy with school and all but when u get a change please update it(as long as u r not disturbing ur studies) take care ok

Oh it's alright dear. Thank you. Yes, I figured that I should save you guys from endless scrolling. It's easier for me too now.

Thank you for loving Muse and for understanding my dilemma of a life. Right now too much is happening altogether and I am literary running on empty most of the time. I write in whatever silvers of time I get.

Thank you really for such sweet words. And you take care as well :)

yey!! not f-locked anymore!!!

Yay :D. Yes I figured it was better this way. And I am way over my anger from the haters so yeah. :) Enjoy.

Thank you for unlocking your journal and Happy New Year to you too.
By the way, I hope you don't mind but I posted your 'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional' in my twitter account ;-)

Anytime dear :)
And it's alright. It's not my quote but it's my favorite one and it's a Buddhist proverb. Sorry about that :(

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